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Barbara Anderson

Excellent rant. Also, Holy Textures is excellent. Thank you for creating this blog.


thank you. My thoughts exactly. As we probe deeper into the whys and whats of the universe, more and more scientists are convinced that evolution is not the key or answer but divine intervention. Furthermore, I get so sick of arguments that ancient civilizations did not understand death such as "Lazarus was just asleep and not really dead." Give me a break! Lazarus was stinking, his body was already decomposing when Jesus brought him back to life. And the idea that when Jesus was walking on the Sea of Galilee, he was walking on rocks or stones really has irked me for years. For goodness sake, these were fishermen. They knew where the rocks were and the conditions of the water. Most people who criticize do not really read the scriptures, for the miracle begins in understanding the complexity of the scriptures in themselves. Simplicity mixed in with profound complexity. You have all these accounts of the same miracles and they hardly differ at all. All thru the centuries, scholars have tried to analyze and dismiss the gospels and have failed. Please stop the misinterpretations and vague symbolism about what has been exposed to extreme scrutiny for ages. Jesus died and was resurrected from the dead, period.

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