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yes and it is in that dessert place that people are abundantly filled. Surprise!

David Ewart

Thanks Karen,

Helpful reflections for me.

We also sometimes overlook that John was Jesus’ cousin (or first cousin once removed, or second cousin, I’m never quite sure – “family” at any rate)
Matthew 14:13 has this poignant comment:
Now when Jesus heard this (news about John’s beheading), he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself.


Thank you David that was helpful. I am still working on pulling it all together but I have been moved in the last couple of weeks by the recognition that God often uses the most broken people and situations to proclaim the 'good news.' John's arrest - sparks Jesus' ministry; John's beheading - leads to the event of the feeding of the 5,000; David a messy/proud man is called by God to lead and proclaim truth - it's hard to believe God uses such a man.
As someone who was a huge fan of Michael Jackson in my younger years I had to watch his memorial. That same gospel story was told over and over in his life and death. A broken, searching man who probably made some poor decisions along the way has been the celebrity who has given the most to charity, who brought communities of broken prisoners together who...shone light in dark places. Who knew God could use the broken to heal this world?

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