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Anna Klay

Thank you for your sweet and loving scenario. I hope it is helpful to those who have already lost loved ones, etc. Somehow, though, I do not feel it gives me, and maybe others, who are experiencing "terror" in our daily lives right now, a useful coping mechanism. My little issues may not seem all that bad to those whose children and families have already been lost, but terror is ongoing. My next door neighbors have vicious and truly terrifying dogs who have already bitten a neighbor and killed a pet cat in its' own yard, but refuse to do anything to even try to contain them. Their smaller repulsive dog has dug through my fence and rampaged through my garden and house, menacing my small pets and me, repeatedly. The large one scares everyone on the block, and I cannot even go into my yard without it hurling its huge body against the fence and gate, snarling and growling intensely. My neighbors, the owners, refuse to contain them or take any remedial action. The sheriff's department won't act until the dogs kill another pet and/or bite another person. I, and others in the neighborhood, are furious and I am reacting in fear and great anger, yelling at them, etc. I live in repulsive anticipation for the next time their huge monstrous animals attack me and my small pets. I have come to despise my neighbors and their dogs and will hit them the next time they rampage in my yard and home. If I had a gun I would shoot them. I have reported them to the authorities, but live in the backwoods of a hick place where lawlessness reigns. I have considered moving, but it is not financially feasible. I am old and disabled. Somehow your sweet little kind version of what happens to terrorists when they die just doesn't cut it whilst I am still trying to live in peace and mind my own business next door to "Christian" people whom I regard as domestic terrorists. Your advice, please? ps - I am an old, crippled attorney, so consulting a lawyer isn't the answer. I have already contacted all available legal remedies and, as stated above, the dogs must yet do even more damage before the law will step in. I cannot afford to leave. This house is my "dream" retirement home. I am a life long Episcopalian and pray, twice daily, for my neighbors and myself for resolution. I am consulting my priest this week for guidance. I want bad things for my neighbors and their animals!

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